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Now Scotland's #1 Rugby Podcast, The Thistle needed a new logo and brand identity to replace the one they've used since their humble beginnings. The Jack Russell had become somewhat of an icon for The Thistle and they wanted this to remain at the heart of the redesign, whilst keeping a Scottish focus.

They wanted something that would really stand out on the Podcast store but also a brand they could reproduce on merchandise and across a range of other assets. 


We produced a brand with three logo options. A full crest, a logo stamp and a text only version so that the brand would be consistent wherever they need to use it.

1 Full Logo (Positive).png
1 Full Logo (Positive).png
Thisle Negative Logo-02.png
5 Jack Russell Only (Positive).png
6 Jack Russell Only (Negative).png
3 Text only logo (Positive).png
4 Text only logo (Negative).png
Navy square.png
Navy phone.png
Tshirt Front.png
Tshirt Back.png
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